Financial Aid

Don’t let money issues keep you from getting an education! The Merritt College Financial Aid Office makes every effort to assist students to meet their needs. We want to be sure you understand the many financial aid options available to students who are enrolled and eligible so you can be successful in your application. Just follow the steps below.

Getting Started

Step 1
Fill out the FAFSA form and send it online by the current deadline! This is the first step in starting the process to apply for the different types of financial aid. Be sure to check the deadline for the academic year you are applying for.

Step 2
Check your student email on Passport. About two weeks after you submit your application online, the Financial Aid Office will send a follow-up email to your Student Passport account with a list of things you need to do.

Step 3
Visit the Financial Aid counter to submit documents.

After you have printed, gathered, and completed all documentation listed, visit the Financial Aid Office in the Student Services to submit them.

Step 4
Check for your award letter. The results of your FAFSA application will be sent by email to your Passport email account approximately 4-6 weeks after your submission to the Financial Aid Office. Financial aid grant award amounts are based on full-time (12 units or more) enrollment for the semester and pro-rated for less time. Once awarded, a financial aid check will be mailed to you on the next scheduled disbursement date.

Step 5
Make an appointment with a counselor. Once you have determined that you will be getting financial aid and have successfully applied to Merritt College, meet with a counselor to start working on a Student Educational Plan (SEP) and attend the mandatory Orientation (online or in-person). Then you will be ready to enroll in classes!

Need More Help? Workshops are offered on a regular basis on a variety of topics, including the appeal process, direct loans, and more. Also application help is available at any time at the Financial Aid counter, Building R, Room 113. If you have other questions, please contact the
Financial Aid Office at (510) 436-2465.

Financial Aid Office
R Building, Room 113
Contact: (510) 436-2465

Need help paying for college?

Fill out the FAFSA form HERE then follow the steps below


Also check HERE to see if you are eligible for the California College Promise Grant (Tuition Waiver)

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