Radiologic Technologists have an important role in the health care industry. Working in hospitals, clinics, medical offices, and clinics, they use sophisticated technical equipment and computers to obtain detailed images of the human body which are used to assist physicians in the diagnosis of injury and disease.


Our Program

Student Success

To be successful in this role, Merritt College offers a comprehensive and rigorous Associate Degree and Certificate program that teaches graduates to: 
 Have strong technical skills
 Think critically and solve problems creatively 
 Care for patients with sensitivity and compassion
 Work comfortably with patients from diverse cultural backgrounds

Alumni Testimonials

“My experience at Merritt was life-changing. The program was challenging and the experienced instructors served as mentors. Once I graduated, I landed a career that I loved.” —Deaydra Mitchell

“I don’t just have a job, I have a career that is rewarding. Helping people is extremely fulfilling. I am
 grateful to my instructors for teaching me the skills to excel and be who I am today. “ —Seema McGee

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